ecological activism
Campaign for the Protection of the Blue Crab
June 3
From June until September, during the rainy season, the Blue Crab travels from the mangroves
and pastures of the
Laguna de Sontecomapan to the beach to deposit their eggs.

Reserva de la Biosfera – Los Tuxtlas, organizations of fisherman from  the communities of
La Barra, El Real and Sontecomapan, as well as DEMATAC, have organized a campaign for the
protection of the Blue Crab. An agreement has been reached that reduces the capture limit per
member of the fishing association to 50 crabs and completely prohibits capture for residents and
visitors to the area; with the motive of increasing the crab population.
Consejo Asesor de La Reserva de la Biosfera - Los Tuxtlas

May 24: Swearing in Ceremony: Consejo Asesor de la Reserva de la Biosfera - Los Tuxtlas

May 9, 2006: Reunion for "Strengthening the Board of Advisory Consultants for the Reserva de la Biosfera - Los Tuxtlas"

March 31, 2006: Reunion of the Board of Advisory Consultants for the Reserva de la Biosfera - Los Tuxtlas

March 26,2006: Reunion of the Board of  Consultants for the Reserva de la Biosfera - Los Tuxtlas

March 6, 2006: Election of representatives of the “Subconsejo Organizaciones Civiles” of the “Consejo Asesor” (Board of
Consultants) of the Reserva de la Biosfera - Los Tuxtlas.

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Members of DEMATAC have
joined with the gentle folk of in the
organization of various
events designed to
experience and bring
attention to the natural
diversity of Los Tuxtlas; to,
when possible, support some
of the local ecotourism
available in the area; and
most important – to escape
from the offices and the
meeting rooms just long
enough to have a good time.
We will briefly chronicle
these events and refer you to
the appropriate
page for the (sometimes
gruesome) details

(All expenses are paid
personally by those
individuals participating in the
events. There is no expense to

Simply click the links below
to visit the
dauntless adventurers.
January 25, 2006

Delivery of sports equipment purchased with the proceeds from the pilot project “ACOPIO DE PLASTICO Y PAPEL EN

Escuela Primaria Niños Héroes.
January 20, 2006
Reunion in the  Palacio Municipal de Catemaco, Veracruz
concerning the problem of the gravel pits of  Felíx Gracia Cinta y Julian Mendez Garcia
Gravera, Ing. Julían
Gravera, Felix Gracia
Project draft of "Tourist Center" presented  by Ing. Julián Méndez García, unanimously
rejected as inadecuate.
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IVEA Reunion
June 19

The "Instituto Veracruzana de Educación para Adultos" (IVEA) invited DEMATAC to it's reunion at "Bahia Escondida"
along with area teachers, to dicuss the
environment , to present DEMATAC and it's activities;  and to inform the group
about the formation of the new  
"Comité de Vigilancia" in Catemaco and how to contact them to file complaints.
Exchange Trip
Septiember 17 - 22, 2006

Our president, Jessica Swanson, participated along with other advisors of the Advisory Counsel in the Viaje de Intercambio
de Experiencias del Consejero Asesor de la Reserva de la Biosfera – Los Tuxtlas (Exchange Trip of the Advisory Counsel for the
Los Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve); visiting the
Barrancas de Metztitlán, Hidalgo and the Corredor Biológico
Chichinautzin, Morelos
Expo Forestal Veracruz, World Trade Center Veracruz (WTC)
September 28 – 30, 2006

This is considered the most important forest related fair in the country; known for the promotion of sustainable forest
growth and as a model for community management of forest resources.

DEMATAC will be represented, along with Bahia Escondida.
Children's Art Contest
(Concurso de Pintura Infantil 2005)

One of the greatest obstacles we encounter in our effort to promote the protection of the environment is the apathy of the
public. DEMATAC believes that one path to overcoming this indifference is education, especially among our children – the future
of Los Tuxlas. Toward this end, we are organizing programs and activities designed to attract the attention of the youth of the
region. There are photos on the
Activities Page of the Children’s Art Contest organized in conjunction with the "Caminata", &
with “Save Lake Catemaco” as the theme. Cash prizes ($ 300 pesos 1st place, $ 200 pesos 2nd, $ 100 pesos 3rd, & $ 50 pesos
4th place) were awarded by DEMATAC. Copies of the book “
Los Tuxtlas – Paisajes y Pensamientos“ & caps with the logo of the
Reserva de la Biosfera - Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz, Mexico, Laguna de Catemaco, presented for the twelve best drawings, were
donated by the Reserva.
Aerial Seeding with Seed Balls
December 14, 2006

The president of DEMATAC accompanied “Tú Decides Veracruz” to the Minititlan, Veracruz
Airport for aerial reforestation in the foothills of the volcano Santa Marta.  Approximately
1,200 kilograms (2700 lbs.) of seed balls were airdropped from a naval helicopter,
including cedar, mahogany and melina, among other species.

Seed balls are simple mud spheres that encase a collection of seeds. The seed ball concept is
simple and applies perfectly to burnt forest conditions or to forests and woodlands hard-hit
by insect infestations. Seeds are encased in a ball of clay and humus. The clay protects the
seeds from the drying sun, rodents, birds, and insects until the opportune rains come. The
rains melt the clay, allowing the seeds to sprout in a mini-environment of nutrients found
in the humus and clay. Although only a percentage of sprouted seeds will take hold, the
profusion of thousands of these balls, each containing a surplus of seeds, will more than
adequately cover nature’s requirements to make it work. Aerial reforestation by this
method is very useful in large or inaccessible areas.
La Flor de Catemaco, S. de R. L. de C. V.
Dicember 15, 2006

The farm, founded in 1989 in Catemaco, covers approximately160 hectares (395.37
acres), consisting of around:
•        90 hectares (222.39 acres) of palma camedor
•        45 hectares (111.20 acres) of helecho cuero
•        6 hectares (14.83 acres) of ornamental asparagus
•        11 hectares (27.18 acres) of ornamental pineapple

Jim Everett, Vice President of
Continental Floral Greens, and Eng. José de la Luz Ponce
Puente, administrator of
La Flor de Catemaco, S. del R. L. de C. V., invited DEMATAC to
"La Flor de Catemaco". José, Leobardo Tolen Ambrosio, and Biologist Francisco
Ramírez Loeza guided us on a friendly, transparent, informative and comprehensive tour
lasting more than three hours; from planting and cultivation through preparation and
packing. M. C. Elías Ortiz Cervantes of the
Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Forestales,
Agrícolas Y Pecuarias
(INIFAP) accompanied us. It is clear that La Flor de Catemaco is
making a sincere effort to control environmental impact and maintain an ecologically
friendly enterprise. The implementation of biological fertilizers and insecticides is in
process, waste material is separated for recycling, and further means of protecting the
ecological equilibrium are being investigated and put into practice.

It is not surprising that La Flor was awarded the
“Premio Nacional al Mérito Ecológico 2006”
(National Award of Ecological Merit – 2006) and the
“Premio Nacional Forestal 2003”
(National Forestry Award – 2003).

La Flor sets an excellent example for similar ventures in Los Tuxtlas and throughout

In the near future, we look forward to being able to arrange educational tours for high
school and university students, so that they may see the operation first hand and help
dispel some common misconceptions.
Semana Nacional de la Conservación
(National Conservation Week)
November 21 - 27, 2006
Demonstration Parcels
December 17, 2006
"Tú Decides Veracruz" have included, among the various projects that they are developing in Los
, the promotion of  land parcels dedicated to reforestation, conbining the planting of hardwoods
with fruit bearing trees. In this way the property owners enjoy the economic benefit of the fruit while
reforesting the area .

Our president visited two of these parcels en
Zapoapan de Cabaña, Veracruz confirming the
seriousness of the "
Tu Decides" projects.