ecological activism
June 2,2006
DEMATAC promoted the creation of the “Comité de Vigilancia
Participativo Ambiental"
 (Committee for Environmental
Vigilance)  de
PROFEPA” (Federal Environmental Protection
Agency) for
Catemaco, Veracruz. The meeting was held in the
Restaurant La Ceiba in Catemaco.
March 31, 2006

DEMATAC was named  Substitute Consultant for the incumbent: “Sendas. A. C.”  in the  Consejo Asesor de las Asociaciones
Civiles para La Reserva de la Biosfera - Los Tuxtlas
January 26, 2006 – 4:00 p. m.

On January 20th. DEMATAC presented an official complaint to various government offices against Ing. Julian Méndez
, operator of the gravel pit owned by “Perforaciones y Voladuras, S. A. de C. V.” for deforestation.  (See
complaint: ENGLISH TRANSLATION . . . )

At approximately 4:00 p. m., January 26th the gravel pit was closed by municipal (H. Ayuntamiento de Catemaco)
court order.
(We have been told by several police officials on the scene that the order for closure was due to the deforestation. We have not been
able to officially verify this as yet.)
December 19, 2005

presentation of Certificates of Recognition to the participating schools.
(For photos see: Acopio de . . . )

Esc. Primaria Niños Heroes de Chapultepec, first place, with a total of 1,424 kilos of recyclable material.

Esc. Primaria Xicontécatl, second place, with a total of 318 kilos of material.

The total weight of recyclable material collected by the five participating schools was 1,900 kilos.

July 27, 2005

C.M.A.S.  (Municipal Water & Sanitation Commission) repaired the drainage regulator at Espagoya Beach within six days
of the date DEMATAC filed a complaint with the Director.
(For photos see: Playa Espagoya . . .)

July, 2005

The plan for the higway circling Lake Catemaco was modified after protests and complaints filed by DEMATAC and other
environmental groups.

July25 & 26, 2005

The two day hike "SALVEMOS AL LAGO DE CATEMACO" (Save Lake Catemaco) and the  "CONCURSO DE PINTURA INFANTIL"
(Children's Art Competition) ended successfully, calling attention to sources of contamination of the lake and increasing the
awareness of nature for the participating hikers and adolescents.
(For photos see: Exitosa Caminata . . .)

May & June, 2005

In May, DEMATAC, in a reunion with the Municipal government of Catemaco, recommended the fining of people who throw trash in
rivers, lagoons, vacant lots, and streets and highways, as a step in the right direccion toward resolving the problem of trash in the

In June the Municipal Government began to announce through the news media that those who throw trash in public areas will be

May, 2005 to date:

The gravel pit "EL ARENAL Y OJO DE AGUA" (aka: Gravera de Los Hermanos Gracia), after years of complains and with the
intervention of DEMATAC& PROFEPA have promised to institute a program of reforestation.

February 12, 2005

DEMATAC inaugurated a cleanup campaign in Catemaco, designating various communities where trash would be collected from
public and private areas on designated weeks - with community participation.  This resulted in the Municipal Government initiating
similar campaigns in the area.
(For photos see: "Campaña de limpiesa . . . ")
After much effort and various complaints filed with PROFEPA, Catemaco Municipal Government
offices, and others, by DEMATAC,
Eng. Julián Méndez García, owner of “Perforaciones y
Voladuras, S. A. de C. V.”
, has begun a reforestation project on Cerro Nixtamalapan, with fruit
bearing and hardwood varieties. “Perforaciones y Voladuras, S. A. de C. V.” is a gravel mining
operation that has been the center of controversy for several years in
Catemaco, Veracruz.

We congratulate Eng. Méndez for his enlightenment and for his labors, and we thank Tu Decides
Veracruz, who were responsible for supplying the seeds and advice, and the Reserva de la Biosfera – Los
Tuxtlas for their support and the guidance they provided Eng. Méndez.

We sincerely hope that these efforts are the forerunner of future steps necessary to repair damage done
by the mining operations in
Los Tuxtlas.
"Water treatment plant to operate at 100%"
October 26, 2006

Since May 26, 2006 DEMATAC, has filed various complaints with the appropriate governmemt offices
concerning the deplorable condition of  residual water plant in Catemaco. Apparently we are finally seeing
results for our efforts. Biologist Carlos Manuel Rodriguez Mouriño, Director of the Municipal Commission of
Water & Sanitation has stated that the plant should be operating at 100% by years end.
(Link in Spanish)

DEMATAC  will continue to monitor the situation, with the hope that the plant will soon actually operate at 100%.
Reforestation Project on Cerro (hill) Nixtamalapan
October, 2006
December 18, 2007
María Dolores Castillo Gallegos and Ing. Juan Raúl Luna Garcia made an inspection on November 7, at the property
determining that the illegal logging had taken place within the boundaries of the
Reserva de la Biosfera - Los Tuxtlas.
The person responsible for said logging is
Jorge Luis Uscanga Ramón, who they caught in the process of cutting trees.
PROFEPA prepared charges which will be filed with the office of the Ministerio Publico.
PROFEPA Confiscates Snakes
February 27, 2008

DEMATAC members Raúl Cabañas Giffard, Herpetologist and Dr. Lorelei Bojórquez Galván, DVM, accompanied
the reptiles and transported them to the
Museo de Serpientes Bothrops located in the Museo Interactivo de Jalapa,
Raúl and Lorelei examine the snakes for injuries and tick infestation.
“Green Vine Snake” (oxybelis fulgidus)
Boa Constrictor Imperator
San Juan Seco de Valencia
March 10, 2008
In answer to the complaint filed by DEMATAC on April 19, 2007 against Señor Bartolo Abraham
Leal for illegal tree cutting, PROFEPA finally made an inspection. At a later date the order will go
into effect obligating Señor Leal to, at his expense, plant a minimum of 100 trees.
August 6, 2008

Patricia Contreras Isidoro of the community of
municipality of
Santiago Tuxtla for raw sewage
entering the Tibernal River from a treatment plant near  
her cattle pasture. DEMATAC visited the site on

December 12
, 2007 and verified that the plant did not
have adequate processing capacity for the community of
Tibernal, was not operating effectively, and lacked the
material necessary for water treatment.

After the filing of an official complaint, plus several
personal visits and phone calls to the municipal offices of
Santiago Tuxtla by DEMATAC, Senora Contreras advised
us that the Municipal President visited the community
and reached agreement with the citizens to make the
repairs that they required. DEMATAC is confident that,
between the citizenry and the Municipal President, an
adequate solution will be reached, but we will continue to
monitor the situation.
Your tax deductible donation will help protect the northernmost tropical rain forest in the
Americas, and contribute to environmental awareness worldwide.
We report!    You Decide!
May 1, 2008

On April 10th, we published an open letter to Catemaco's Municipal President regarding sewage from an unrepaired main
draining into
Lake Catemaco, sent it to members of the press, and posted copies in various prominent places throughout
Catemaco, including the lobby of the Municipal Palace.
Open Letter, April 1O, 2008: "Come Swim with Me")

On April 11, 2008 repairs were resumed, after having been ignored for months, and have now been completed.

Was the publicity generated by DEMATAC responsible for resuming repairs? Or, was it . . . Coincidence?
We report!    You decide!
Report on DEMATAC Complaints filed with PROFEPA
Biologist María Dolores Castillo Gallegos, Head of PROFEPA in Catemaco
August, 2008

Illegal Sale of Turtle Shells
March 4, 2009
illegal activity to the local PROFEPA
Ing. Tomás Martínez Marín,
Inspector of PROFEPA responded to our
call, along with three soldiers. One of the
sellers was arrested and the merchandise
was confiscated.

We wish that all complaints to PROFEPA  
could be responded to as rapidly and
efficiently as this one.

DEMATAC  congratulates Ing. Martínez for
the manner in which this was handled.